Shoutouts [ft. Godson]

by Astro-Dawg



he saw what she saw
watch me seesaw of this tightrope
like i'm batman and robin
got you shook up like Muhammad Ali
compared to me
you're like Ollie oil when i'm swimming thru the water
jaws of life come snatch you up your car seat with the tinted windows on it
leave you post traumatic
i'm a catastrophic fall upon your whole crew
looking armless boxing against the angel of death is honestly retarded
give you this word of advice
underestimate the son and find yourself
estranged hanging by the noose that hung from the chain you call jewelry
its nothing to me but a price tag
your currency is worthless
you're so poor you can only afford money
i'm MVP most valuable in my league
my worth is tied in stock and bonds while
you're measured by a dime bag

you post up on the lawn
like a gnome

i'm sitting home alone giving shoutouts to my folks

showing off their loot hoping opps roll up and find them lacking
imma keep it moving

staying low key
wherever they find me is wherever the greats be
and these flash in the pan ass types can miss me

these fly girls they all wanna kiss me
my brothers and i stay blessed
drama free

this PSA is co signed by AstroDawg and G


released December 27, 2015
Astro-Dawg for the music -- we need to do a project one of these days...



all rights reserved


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