Freestyle [ft. Godson]

by Astro-Dawg

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medula oblongata
i like the way the words feel when i batatah
on the beat like ratatah
can't see me like camoflauge
underground flow call me
what's good
talk to much
talk too much and you don't keep
secrets well

death or life
i have no pride
just work hard and i love God
Jesus Christ
the anointed one called me last night
hold your peace
to kill the lie the truth will free
your grammer skills
i slice
i kill
i eat
i sleep
i fight

rinse and repeat
as i face death i look you in the eye and smile
i don't recognize myself
i'm somewhere between a line and a curve
my eye is kinda like an x-ray and a lazer beam
my grammer skills obscene
i battle ignorance like cancer
chemo therapy
another session
private meeting
recording session
Astro Dawg and G
woof woof
i'm way off beat
way off beat
i think outloud please close
my mouth
wad up a tissue
venus fly trap with glue
that sounds cool
i'm most creative now
i think i like my life
thank you sir
screw you
enjoy your life

play your rules
think you're smart
difference of opinion
i think we're better when we're apart
for now i got a summer madness
think it's hot outside and it affects my mind
clouds my judgment
make me feel like i don't give a
that's a funny word

who are you anyway
my brother
my daddy
or just a cast member for a
trade paperback of a neverending story



released September 7, 2015
The beat was made by @Astro-Dawg
He wanted someone to freestyle over it so I did. yeah.



all rights reserved


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