Dollars [ft. Godson]

by Jesse James

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    Produced by Jesse James. This song is really about trying to find a place for your spiritual and culture background among a materialistic world that constantly tempts you to throw it out the window and "join the crowd."



if it don't make dollars
than it don't make sense
best lesson the world ever gave me (x2)
just dreaming
dream on

spent my time chasing fantasies
of gettin paid to have my art seen
or felt
my passion goes beyond these 4 walls
let bygones be bygones
on friday i get a flashback
on what's really good in my life
cause i'm still in the hood
not the ghetto i mean

let's be quite specific
the hood stretch far
the atlantic
on the left side
the pacific ocean
i wonder why there's still a drought
when we could just keep drillin for oil
they ask themselves what's the point?
we can't drink oil and we can't eat hope
so if you ain't coming with a check
then you can

if it don't make dollars
than it don't make sense
that's my new motto
so if you leave me today
i'll be here tomorrow
i don't really ask for much
these days
i keep myself grounded
i try to read the Bible
every now and then too
it says i'm the living dead
a new creation in Christ
so i guess i live the good life
i mean i could be dead
laid out in a hospital bed
givin my people nightmares
fearing the worst
my world feels like it's all hopeless
i have no control

if i sink or swim
the story still being told
until then
maybe if i keep hope and
don't go too far off the path
i can still make it to Heaven someday
i'm not a shooter
not a thug
just a hustler
i flip a dollar just to make a couple change

if you still feel hunger
for some rap with substance
come and take a ride in my stream of consciousness
i like to think out loud
i'd like yall to know
that i'm black and proud

(and why's that?)

it's a state with no name
a nation with no language
generation of slave descendents
but at the heart of the black planet
is a race of God's children

(we was abandoned)

i pray every day i don't overdose
steadily trappin
making my dough
like the bakeryman
i'm rollin deep in the truck
like security vans
yall could never catch up
in my history class
my mans might come and hang you up
like curtains
the whole city got my back
cant nobody touch me now
like i'm Obi Wan
if you strike me down
i'll be more powerful than ever
so take your best shot
mike tyson
knockin motherfuckers out

like conan
i'm a funny guy
that's Conan
your girl chose me
that's romance

we vanish into the backseat
like Taxi

let's stay together like Al Green

if it don't make dollars
than it don't make sense
best lesson the world ever gave to me
just dreamin (x2)
dream on

just dream on (x8)


released October 11, 2015
Jesse James for the beat



all rights reserved


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