Hyphenism [2016 EP]

by GODSON Official Music



Re-release of the lead single from Hyphenism, originally released late 2015. This 3 track EP features a remix of Higher (by MusicMixingM) and an instrumental version of Hyphenism.

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released March 8, 2016



all rights reserved


GODSON Official Music California

Aaron Johnson AKA "Godson" is a 20-something California native producer/songwriter... when he's not illustrating and authoring graphic novels, video games and animation. use the code GODSON15 to save %15 off at the shop: goo.gl/B1FY7q

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Track Name: Hypenism (single version)

The world I live in
Is a box with 4 walls
My mind opens the locks
That keep your mind prison
My midiclorian count is off the rizzy richtor

Creative force
I write visions
A new way of being
Godlike, but not like
The other false idols
And urban legends
a euphemism
For a schism
In the system

Controlled by pawns
Politicians and bishops
Ruling on dogmatic rule
They told me if I could sleep then id achieve rest
But I couldn't rest until I was the best

Hold up

Never satisfied with my current status
I need to get some currency so I can own a mattress
So when my son turns my age
he'll never be a slave
A prophecy from my king to
grace the ears of those in the room to hear it
I never looked back God said i passed the test
I guess I was blessed

so what's the holdup
i'm trying to make these ends
blow up
like dynamite sticks
or better yet ebola
outbreak all over
till this cup dun runneth over
i haven't had an clue since i turned 21
i think i'm running out of caves i can hole up in
my brain turned to mush
and i don't give a single fuck
funkedelic meets high society
i got the copies to prove it

My city's skyline is similar to a labyrinth
Lost between time a golden age
See me in the laboratory working on a blueprint
The kids ahead of his time
It's kinda obvious
Not to be obnoxious
My hypothesis is that we need a little more fiction hidden in our truth
And more of the truth revealed in our reflection
the man in the mirror
Is telling us to come together
No matter the weather
I'll be here
Just like the terminator
Lighting your whole block up
Like your radiator
I live in two timelines just like my city
I divide and conquer yall
Just like Herod the great
Then escape out the background
Like Houdini trapped inside a box that's all chained and locked
I beat my own record on a stopwatch
took them a whole team to do what i can do myself
coming out the closet
with an arsonal of weaponry
got on it on me
sword of the spirit and body armor to match my jeans
k-swiss, baby blue
what ever happened to em?
they went underground but whey come back it'll be loud like neon
loud like my voice is
when i'm whispering
silence is golden
if you're living a lie
it's time to move aside
before an expose piece
blows you sky high
like k. dot before he became the voice of the streets
i don't even know what all this means
these days i'm dazed just rapping to hear my own voice
i'm a misfit
outcast of society
living in california
not far from stankonia
security measures is what they call
machiavelian legacy
trying to be a gangstarr will get you bled out quicker than a stab wound in your silhouette
a chalk line on the steps
the only reminder that you ever took a breath